We also prepare our clients for the mental aspect of the NFL Combine and Draft process by administering several Wonderlic Tests and educating them on the types of questions they will face from NFL personnel during team interviews. In addition, our clients have access to a NFL Mentor who will enlighten them on the overall NFL Combine and Draft process experience.

Moreover, we provide our clients with positional training. Our NFL Preparation Program includes former NFL players who help coach our clients on the techniques necessary to maximize their athletic ability. Positional training also helps our clients with the transition from college to the NFL and ultimately assists them with their performance in off-season mini-camps and pre-season training camp.

For some clients, training at their school with their Strength & Conditioning Coach to prepare for the NFL Combine and their Pro Day is the best environment to achieve maximum results. For others, working out at a training facility that follows the Perez Sports’ NFL Preparation Program is the preferred choice. With Perez Sports, we work with our clients to formulate the best plan possible.