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Keeping in contact with Perez Sports in the months leading up to the NFL Draft proved to be an agreeable experience for anyone in personnel. Their knowledge and ability are second only to their quest for providing their players with successful representation.

Eliot Wolf

Front office consultant, New england patriots

My experience with Perez Sports has been absolutely amazing and I am truly thankful to God for this introduction. From the minute I signed with Perez Sports, John and Bryan went to work marketing me to numerous professional teams in the United States and Canada, mainly the NFL. Through their vast array of NFL connections, I was able to get a private workout for over 21 NFL scouts, including the Packers, Raiders, Cowboys, Patriots and Giants, to name a few. Through this workout and subsequent work Perez Sports did contacting these various NFL teams, I went from being a completely unknown NFL prospect to being on nearly every NFL team’s radar. It’s been through the grade of God and the tireless work of Perez Sports that has led me to these opportunities. I am forever thankful for our connection and plan on being with Perez Sports for my entire athletic career.

Jamize Olawale

Fullback, dallas cowboys

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