Post-Career Planning

Post-Career Planning

Since Perez Sports Associates is built on personal relationships, our services continue even when our clients’ careers are over. At Perez Sports, we:

  • Counsel our clients to prepare for a second career upon retirement;
  • Assist in the transition from active player to retired player; and
  • Offer straight-forward and honest advice concerning any and all of our clients’ endeavors.

Moreover, we understand that our clients may develop off-the-field business opportunities, charities, and other interests during their careers. We help with many of these issues that confront professional athletes to help make life easier for our clients.

At Perez Sports, we can help with the following additional services:

  • Incorporate a new business; execute a closing on a new piece of property;
  • Establish a charitable organization;
  • Develop a personal website; or
  • Organize a youth football camp.

If we are unable to perform any of the aforementioned post-career planning and additional services, we will refer our client to reputable industry leaders after an exhaustive search and vetting process has been conducted.




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